Learn How To Lead An Online Cacao Ceremony

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Work From Home

Sell Ceremonial Cacao

The online yoga market is saturated

Many studios are still closed and every teacher is now online.

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Thrive on passive income by selling ceremonial grade cacao to your students, in addition to regular income from your ceremonies.

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Step 1: Begin The Training

Work through our six-part training at your own pace, receiving personal video feedback as you complete each section.

Step 2: Receive Free Cacao

As soon as you sign up, we'll send you 5 x 450g bags of ceremonial grade cacao (worth £145!) completely free. You just cover the shipping.

Step 3: Join The Community

Join our Cacao Love online community with weekly Q&As and guided practices to enhance your own ceremonies.

Learn How To Lead An Online
Cacao Ceremony